I Wish You a Challenging New Year

I wish for you the absolute best for 2017, and that means you being the best, strongest, most courageous person you can be.  It means you being the most complete, God-blessed, empowered human being you can be … in each moment.  Some moments will be better than others, and for 2017, strive for strong moments, not perfections. It does not mean that I wish you a year of rainbows, unicorns and Utopia. You would atrophy and be a shadow of what you can be.

We grow with challenges.  Some of the most beautiful writings about making the most of life do not celebrate the ease of life, but the strength, character and courage to face life head on.  It is through challenge that we become the best we can be … and I wish that for you.  The best. You would never sharpen a knife on a marshmallow:  iron sharpens iron.

For you, for 2017 (and always), my sincere wish for you is in the lessons and wisdom of Invictus, Desiderata and If to get you through the to-be-expected highs and lows of the year with an eye on a lifetime.

Love to all.


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