Special people…special stories…special wisdom

I love listening to, and sharing, stories about others, but you know that. There is wisdom in those stories; you know that, too. I’m trying to be cool, calm and collected about my work sharing stories being recognized, but it isn’t easy.

I am proud to announce that I have been selected to receive a Barbara Jordan Media Award from the Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities in the newsletter category for having created the newsletter for the organization I work for. The award medallion states, “For excellence in the communication of the realities of people with disabilities.” I am humbled.

I work at New Danville, a nonprofit, rural community for special needs adults; our newsletter is called The Wrangler Gazette as a tip of the hat to our clients who are called Wranglers. The award is explained more here, where you can also register for the virtual after-party in July. The video of the virtual award event can be found here; my part starts at 48:59. 😊

This isn’t a column about bragging, though. It is about people, their stories and the importance of sharing them. As I said in my acceptance speech, there are many great stories to share, and that’s the point. Stories create connections and understanding. They entertain, enlighten, amuse, inform and engage.

Share stories; listen attentively to stories; ask for stories – the world will be a better place and you will get more out of your day.

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