The Gift for Father’s Day is…

It has been 40 years since my dad died. I have been son, I am father and have had the blessing to make it to the stage of grandfather, so I think I have some perspectives to talk about Father’s Day, specifically the gift for Father’s Day and the gift of fathers’ days. They are the same thing.

Time. Time spent with my sons has always been the gift of this father’s days. It is also the gift for the celebration of Father’s Day.

I was blessed to spend time with two of my sons this weekend, on Saturday to work (and play) together at my little piece of wooded heaven that I call “Walden,” and with those same two sons at a Sunday get-together where I was also able to enjoy the role of grandfather. My other son was with his family on a vacation to help his wife and kids honor her father on “his day.” The gift, whether on the formal Father’s Day or any day for fathers during the year, is time spent and shared.

Many speakers and authors have said that love is spelled t-i-m-e. Time is the love fathers give to kids as they are growing up and given to dads when adult children are available (and for moms, too, of course, but this is a Father’s Day column).

Don’t wait until next June; spend the time with your kids; spend time with your dad or remember, if he has passed, the positives of the time you spent together.

Dad, I miss you and love you; sons, I love you and relish time spent with you; grandkids, I love the time we have together.

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