The Perfect Tribute for Memorial Day

Before you rush out for that Memorial Day sale on tires, or put the match to the charcoal, or start slow cooking the baked beans, pause to consider the right tribute for those we honor today. It could be said that a great way to honor those veterans who have died in service is to enjoy the fruits of freedom for which they sacrificed.  I suggest a more perfect tribute.

Show them peace. Peace begins in our hearts and is maintained moment by moment with intention. Society’s fractures and tears are being fomented by evil and fueled by envy, anger and hatred. Step away. In each moment, each interaction, each conversation, each reaction…choose peace. There will be a time for warring, and those we honor today knew that; they stepped into the breach to help find peace. They have found their peace; let us all try today to find it, too, in our living.

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