Find yourself anew

I am currently reading three books and have a fourth that I go to for random opportunities to wade in the wisdom of its pages. Each has a bookmark to indicate where I last stopped reading. Because of what I use, none of the books lay perfectly flat; that is telling.

Each bookmark is a #2 pencil. Wood. Obviously sharpened often. Each pink eraser has been re-shaped by use. The pencil marks where I have stopped reading, and graphite lines and notes reveal my journey to that page. As with most every action or habit that a person has, my bookmarks (and book marks) reveal something about what matters to me. I appreciate the reminders about myself.

I love words, either to consume them or create with them;

I love ideas born in thought;

I love stories of life, especially those that share wisdom, create connection or enable understanding;

I love to correlate ideas between chapters, books, authors and eras;

I love images, including those that words inspire in my imagination.

It serves us well to find reminders of what matters to us. Sometimes we forget. Look around and see what you learn anew about yourself.

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