It’s HOT…a great opportunity

I just came in from watering. The temperature is 109, but the heat index is only 112, four degrees lower than forecast. Ya gotta love the small favors.

Grumbling about heat is a common occurrence in these parts, and rightfully so. There are opportunities with this heat; they sure beat grumbling and getting grouchy.

Read a book; write a book; sew or quilt; slow dance with your special other in the living room; drink sweet tea; eat watermelon; get up early to enjoy tolerable temperatures at the time the birds are waking up; write some letters using pen and paper; sit in front of a box fan and get lost in the white noise and the sensation of the breeze in your hair; go outside for 15 minutes of Vitamin D and get a healthy sweat going; paint; play an instrument; listen to some music from your youthful days; call someone you haven’t talked to in too long; experiment – try to cook an egg on the sidewalk; nap; read a book to your kids or grandkids; have a call (video or phone) with friends or family; put together a jigsaw puzzle; learn to play chess (or something else you don’t know how to do yet)…and so on.

Yeah, it is hotter than the hinges of the gates of Hades, but there are opportunities because of it. Enjoy! 

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