Jack and Sue: Reunited Again

The good news is that Jack and Sue are back together; the bad news is that Sue’s passing is what made it possible.

Sue passed the other day, after a surprise battle with cancer.  It was a surprise because she was the caregiver, champion and wife of Jack, a life warrior who had battled cancer for seven years.  Her battle was much shorter.   He died a few months ago and inspired this tribute.  Her diagnosis came as a surprise to all.  How she handled it all came as a surprise to no one who knew her well; she did so with grace, courage, optimism, faith and love. 

I had the pleasure of profiling her for this book; she is on page 31. I had known Sue for several years through my role at her alma mater.  She was the first alumna to reach out to me when I started there in 2001.  Getting to know Sue, and know about her, was among the perks of my years there.  The inscription on the wall of her quilting room seemed the perfect backdrop to her creativity and strength for the image.  I re-read the profile after I heard that Sue had completed her battle with cancer.

For Sue, all that she did, all whom she served and all that she faced was part of the “grand and glorious adventure” of life. All who were part of that with her in any way, shape or form were blessed.

We’ll miss you, Sue.  We’ll try to remember all that you taught us. Amidst the sadness, we will remember that the good news is that you and Jack are back together. 

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