Happy Giving Thanks


The blank screen begged for clichés, formula messages or anything to add letters to the glowing whiteness.  My fingers resisted because my heart is not in the mood for clichés. 

The chance to breathe is reason enough to be thankful, and our capacity and call to love empowers us to give.  Forget turkey and football; think about the gift of the moments. Be happy for the chance to give thanks.

I think of the subscribers to this newsletter and/or those who follow the blog version.  Among them are people I care deeply about who are fighting cancer with every cell of their spirit; new babies are about to be born; jobs have been lost and new jobs are being assumed; great successes and catastrophic changes of circumstances have come or are coming…and with it all there is thanks and there is giving.  There are moments … moments to be remembered and moments yet to come. For you all, I give thanks.  For the chance to meet others, I give thanks.  And I hope that giving you this occasional newsletter is a sign of my thanks for you.

We all have the chance to find a variety of ways to say thank you – to ourselves, to our Higher Power, to those near us, and even to strangers.  We are happy when we give thanks because it reminds us of the importance, the beauty and the potential to have the moment we’re in, and to share that moment.

I wish you all a happy day of giving thanks.  There is so much to be thankful for.



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