No Trick to the Treats

Chris showed us that there is no trick to the treats.

This past Monday morning – Halloween day – several of us were chatting after my Monday morning sessions for nonprofit fundraisers and executives.  The friendly conversations moved to the topic of Halloween and how it has changed over the years.  Everyone in the group remembered the days of large packs of friends moving from house to house in mostly homemade costumes, getting candy from adults who had as much fun handing out candy and guiding apple bobbing, if not more, than the kids participating in the night’s activities.  The question arose, “Are you handing out candy this year?”

“Absolutely,” Chris said.  “And do you want to see my pumpkin carvings?” he asked with a proud grin.  The two images shared from his phone revealed an afternoon’s work.  The carvings of a cat silhouette and a skull were excellent and harkened back to years ago.  He admitted to roasting the seeds, too!  He explained that he always carves pumpkins, always gets more candy than necessary, and always prepares for kids to come-a-calling.

“You do this for your grandkids?” one person asked.  It was a logical question.  Why else go to all the trouble, especially considering how few trick-or-treaters most of us in our area get (I had 11 this year).

“Nope,” he replied, his proud smile still in place.  “I just like doing it.  Always have.  I do it every year.”

What a treat!

True joy comes from doing things that we enjoy, and doing them for that reason.  There is no trick to motivation…just the treat of enjoyment.  There is no trick to feeling young…just the treat of joy.

Chris thought he was showing us photos of carved pumpkins.  He was reminding us to never let go of the joys that have been put in our treat bags over the courses of our lifetimes.

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