Good Brain

My youngest son developed an expression as a child, and the potency of its truth continues to strengthen as he mids the teen years, and he’ll find that it is even more relevant and poignant in adulthood:  “I’m using my good brain.”                    

The realities are many:  our brains ARE good, they should be USED, and we must take OWNERSHIP of using our brains in making decisions, being creative or choosing directions in life.

He and I still bring up the phrase when he shares a wise decision that he has made, a challenging problem that he has resolved, or a stubborn dilemma that he has overcome.  Part of the beauty, from my perspective, is that he realizes that his brain is a rich, powerful and good force that is to be used, utilized and explored.  And then I look at the people I see, read about or hear.  I look at elected officials, people I encounter and people who have yet to even explore or own their talent and/or their potential.  And I wished they would hear and also own the notion of owning their “good brain.”

We are given such incredible talent and intelligence.  And potential.  Potential:  something that defines the reach that we have but don’t have the commitment to achieve.                                                                                                                               

Consider our actions, choices and decisions:  Are we truly using and utilizing our good brain?

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