(My) Mother’s Day

Happy Dorothy Sobieski McInnis Day


You may know today as Mother’s Day, but for me it is Dorothy Sobieski McInnis Day because mom was, for me, the epitome of mothers and mothering.  Her tombstone declares “A tender mother and a faithful friend.”   No truer words could be spoken.

Mom’s ways of caring, loving and teaching certainly left an imprint on me, and had a profound effect on the way I live life as a dad.  Her approach to raising kids, putting up with smart alecks, and sharing wisdom serves as a resource for me in my roles as manager, leader, parent and friend.  And maybe that is the reason there is a Mother’s Day:  Moms teach us so much about love, life and relationships.

I hope that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day whether you are a mom, have a mom or had a mom.

Miss you, mom; love ya always.

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