Pillow Talk

The beautiful thing about pillow talk is that it covers the most special and private topics—be they sensitive or humorous or painful—in a spirit of sharing and intimacy.  One mother-daughter duo redefined pillow talk for me.

I was chatting with a friend and her mom, comparing stories of raising kids, being a kid, maintaining lines of communication, and sharing matters of the heart and soul.  Come to find out that their pillows served as communications central.

Whenever a question or topic arose in the daughter’s mind, about which she wanted her mother’s input, but not a face-to-face conversation, she would leave a note on her mom’s pillow.  And just like the tooth fairy, her mom would provide a treasure—her responses—onto her daughter’s pillow.  The pillow, a source of safety and comfort for all ages, provided a place to share special and private topics.

In listening to their story, I heard a few great truths:

–There are many avenues of communication for those who really want to

–The act of communicating trumps the style every time.  It doesn’t matter if it needs to be done by note, email, phone call, conversation in the dark, or a chat at a restaurant; what does matter is that there is communication in which both parties are safe and comfortable

–Love begets safety, and safety grows love.

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