Use your good…

A couple of decades ago, when my youngest son was but a wee lad, he would famously attribute good decisions or good ideas of his own with “I’m using my good brain.” Sadly, we all don’t do that all the time.

I often remind myself of his expression when faced with a challenge. (I also prefer to envision him, blond, waist-height to me, missing a tooth and smiling proudly with his pronouncement…it makes me smile at the challenge I face.) Do I want to use the ol’ “tried and true” solution, or do I want to try something more creative and adventurous? Do I want to give up because an answer doesn’t come easily or I do I want to accept the challenge and find a way beyond the hurdle? Do I want to write or photograph in the same ol’, same ol’ way or do I want to try something that better expresses my thoughts? Do I want to keep using the regular recipe or try something different? You get the point. At all moments in life we are given the chance to “use our good brain,” whether it is how to use what we know, or how to add knowledge and wisdom to our inventory of tools and discern that information for greater use.

We have been blessed with good brains. How we feed them and use them is up to us. But feed them and use them we must.

There is a lot of junk food out there that we go to for food, but it is certainly not sustenance. It is more like cotton candy for the brain. Skip social media and read the classics, or watch a movie of substance and story, or write your thoughts and ideas, or… there are so many ways we can feed and exercise our brains.  Just like exercising our bodies, if what we do to feed or use our brains doesn’t take some effort or “hurt” a bit, then we’re likely not doing it right.

Pause at your next opportunity to spend a moment, express your voice, create something or tackle a challenge…think and consider…”how can I use my good brain?” Think of a little kid, with a gap in the front where adult teeth will soon appear, smiling his affirmation at you.

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