…a gift of

I don’t recall what happened that got me and a few members of the university president’s staff crosswise. Forgetting the reason for interpersonal turbulence is nothing new in any type of relationship, whether interpersonal, inter-family, inter-community or inter-national. I reported to the president, as did they; their offices were located in the president’s suite while most of my team and I were downstairs. Everyone felt the tension. There seems to be many similarities to those conditions and general society today.

In what was likely divine inspiration, I came up with a course of action. I was tired of the situation, and it wasn’t fair to anyone within the reach of the ripples of tension. So, I bought a bunch of flowers for each person involved and each bunch contained a card that simply said, “Peace.” I walked into the suite, and without saying a word – letting the flowers and the card be the only message – I handed the flowers to each of the people caught in the situation.

The outcome included tensions relieved, tears shed and sincere appreciation. All from a simple, yet sincere, gesture of peace.

Here we are at the celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace and tension between people seems high and constant.  It has been a crazy year that has created rifts where none once were and widened those that had already been in place when the proverbial stuff hit the fan early in 2020.

While the people who received flowers from me did not become lifelong friends of mine, we were able to interact without tension and more civilly. Isn’t that something we can all do with each other?

Peace. We could use more of it. Each of us has the power to take steps to decrease tensions and increase peace. Christmas is a perfect time to offer the gift of peace to everyone you encounter.

Merry Christmas, friends.  Peace be with you.

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