The Titles Intrigued, but…

The titles intrigue me; their contents disappoint me.

The titles belong to documents on my computer.  Some of them have been carried forward from one computer to another for more than 20 years. 

They have titles like “A New Friend, My Son,” “Something About Fishing Memories,” and “Coach Tybor’s Gold.”  I open a few and they have one to three paragraphs.  They were starters, thoughts recorded so I could get back to them in order to finish the precious memory.  There are scores, nay hundreds, of these started-but-never-finished stories.  For some, I remember the essence but not the details, and for others I have no idea of the context or nuances.  That saddens me.  But, I guess it shouldn’t.

You can’t help but let it happen, this losing memories stuff.  Maybe I hold onto them too dearly, as each memory provides me a stronger foundation to stand on and a higher level from which to see life.  I don’t want to lose any of those moments or memories, but I have to.  It is one thing to not remember things, it is quite another to have a teaser of a few paragraphs that leaves me hungry for the moment that inspired the blurbs.  I want the sights, sounds, scents…everything that led to the moment that provoked writing. I’m thirsty for the details, but am realistic to know that I couldn’t be sated.

As I read more of them, my perspective changes.  I smile, I laugh, I cry and I am reminded how blessed my life has been.  I’ve had a life worthy of moments to remember.  I’ll bet you have, too.  Any chance to save what you can helps create a beautiful tapestry that may not be complete or totally accurate, but it is a work of art worth admiring … it is your life.


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