Moment(ary) Wisdom

The greatest wisdom is often the most simple and it comes in quiet times.  So it was as I knelt in silence at church on Sunday when I “heard” wise guidance:  “Quit filling your moments concerned about future moments.”  Amen.

There are a lot of unknowns in moments that are far removed from now:  job situations, health of family and friends, and much more, not to mention worldy issues like the economy, terrorism and much more.  There is plenty of uncertainty to call out for one’s attention, thought, consideration and worry.  Don’t be too generous when indulging those distractions while in the moments of now.

Another funny thing about wisdom – you’ve probably already heard it before. 

Growing up, my mom offered much wonderful advice and she had a take on worry.  Your mom may have, too.  She said, “Don’t worry about things that likely aren’t going to happen anyway.”  Worry is just one of many ways that we can sacrifice the beauty of the present moment on the altar of the unknown future. 

Planning for the future by considering it is one thing, but losing the present by letting the future consume us robs us of the preciousness of life’s moments.

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