Where Are Your Ideas?

Where is your idea?  That may determine its validity.

As I tried to process the million ideas running around in my conscience regarding action items for business, decisions related to near- and life-time goals, key elements for life and living…and so on, it struck me that from where the idea came determined its true value.  Was it my head or my heart?

My head has been filled with far too many “good” ideas that make sense coming as advice or guidance from coaches, advisors, blogs, webinars, friends, podcasts, postings, books and so on.  Great ideas.  Wonderful ideas. Ideas I should act on.  Or should I? 

Those ideas – grand and sublime, and everything in between – take far too much of my time as I wrestle with them, evaluate them, sort them, vet them, combine them and mediate them.  Sound familiar?

People can fill our heads.  They can’t fill our hearts.  In our hearts are the few, special, inspired, divine callings, desires and dreams that are truly actionable.  That are truly important.  That are truly genuine and authentic.  That are truly worthy of life and living. That are truly your personal North Star.

Consider where the idea resides and you’ll be better able to sort out the “good” ideas from the ones that really matter.

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