Still…life Happy New Year!

Hello, all.   As I wrap up my photo-of-the-day project for 2015, I bring you today’s image and post from the project.  Happy New Year, my friends.

December 31, 2015: More than 40 years ago, I took a self-portrait of me holding a poem at this desk which was my brother’s when he entered Texas A&M in 1956. The poem from 40+ years ago was about a poet. I give you today’s poem to close out this year of Still…life.


Still…life 12/31/2015

The year ends
A string of moments
Assembling themselves as memories
Of trials and tribulations
Victories and successes
Healing and health
Sickness and sadness
Birth and death.
In moments of stillness
Life is seen
Heard, felt, sensed
The images filed to memory.
Leap out, take flight
Face the challenges
Ride with the joys
Love constantly
Never forgetting
There is



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