The Best Answer

The question and answer phase of my presentation to the Nassau Bay Garden Club presented me several questions to answer.  One question was answered for me, and it was the best answer of the session.

I presented insights and guides on photographing plants of all types.  As with most of my photography presentations, it was heavily influenced by the concepts in my book, “The Seeing, Not the Taking.”  The idea is that anyone can take a photograph—push a button—but the important thing is what you see.  We can learn to see influenced by all our senses.  This day’s topic used the concepts as they relate to plants.  Among the questions at the end of the session was this:  “What is your favorite subject to take photos of?”  As my mind’s gears turned, trying to find THE subject among all that life brings, one of the attendees said, “The next one he takes a photo of.”

That’s it.  I could not have answered the question with more accuracy.  Although some subjects appear in my photos more than others as the inspiration or the muse of the moment, I am drawn to myriad inspirations. Life is that way:  inspiring.  Angles, lines, personalities, colors, tones, character, textures, light…there is never a shortage of inspiration, only a shortage of time to act on it.

Her response reinforced a project that I was drawn to, beginning January 1, 2015.  On New Year’s Day, I began a project titled “Stilllife.”  Hopefully the images and musings remind us that amidst all that happens to us, in our communities and in the world there is..still…life.  The obvious play on words (the art form “still life”) is actually play with seeing.   What was originally intended to be a way of sharing has turned into a method of growing.

I am thankful for the opportunity to share with others.  I am thankful for their interest and questions.  And I am thankful for the woman’s answer that reminded how inspiring life truly is.

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