2014 was, shall we say, a bumpy year. I prefer to look at the lessons learned and realities checked. Much wisdom was gained along the way. Amidst it all, there is still life.

I created a photography project, creating one image per day beginning on January 1; I titled it “Still…life,” a play on the words of the photographic subject of “still life”, and the notion that despite all events, experiences, celebrations and disappointments, there is still life. And it should be lived.

A major ingredient to living is to do so with all senses. And to express life, we must create. I have chosen to listen and to see, and then create in words and images a daily view from found settings that serve as reminder that life goes on, full of stories and wisdom.

Each day, I will find an available still life that somehow reminds me, and hopefully reminds you, of the beauty, humor, simplicity and sublime qualities of life and living. Already, I have found connections to the past, the simple message of growth, reminders of gifts from others, and more.

Each year, month, week, day and moment serves to teach us, inspire us, remind us and encourage us…if we allow them to. See differently, change perspectives, grow authentically…there is always….still….life. 

One comment on “Still…life

  1. JW Purdy says:

    I wish you the best of luck on your long-term project. A year is very hard but I know you can do it. Best wishes and God speed.

    JW Purdy

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