Would you like to try…?

“Would you like to try / Something you never dreamed of?” is more than a lyric to a song; it is challenge and invitation to all of us.

Years ago, after reading The Aladdin Factor, I created a list of more than 100 things I’d like to accomplish in life. I accepted an invitation to join an adult softball team because of the book; I had on my list the desire to hit a home run. I realized that my chance of accomplishing my goal was nil if I wasn’t “in the game.” I did not get a home run, but I did get a “grand slam.” (Read this post for the explanation.)

The list also including writing a song and watching a music recording session. I got the chance for both, and the result is “Wrangler’s Ballad.”  It was written as a tribute to the clients of New Danville, where I work as their development director; it is a community for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

“Would you like to try / Something you never dreamed of?” sticks in my head.

Try things; dream things; try things you haven’t even dreamed was possible. More than messages in a song, they  are reminders to everyone.

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