Maybe being “great” isn’t your purpose

It seems like in every aspect of our society, we are told, coached, encouraged, rewarded and brain-washed to be great, famous, or hold some other form of status. In every role we hold there seems to be some sort of rank or honor we are supposed to strive for, according to the “experts.” “Role models” are constantly presented to others as what a successful life is supposed to look like. I have come to realize that Adolph Sobieski is a more reasonable, laudable role model than 99.9% of those who are held up as shining examples that we are supposed to admire for our life’s aspirations.

You don’t know Adolph.  Neither do I. You won’t find him on the internet. He is not an “influencer,” unless this story influences you. He was my great-grandfather. The focus of his life, the request of all his prayers? …to live long enough to take care of his wife, Anna, his “beloved Annie.”  She had suffered a stroke which paralyzed her side and left her bedridden for the last 15 years of her life. He built a small chapel in their garage so he could spend time praying. When my mother, Dorothy, asked him why he spent so much time praying, he told her that he asked to live long enough to take care of Annie.

He got what he prayed for. He lived longer than his wife. He was able to take care of her until the end of her life. He died two months after her.

Adolf had many successes in life in a variety of roles. I suspect he saw those as work and life. He felt his purpose was not to be “great,” but to take care of Annie. He didn’t know his purpose until her stroke. For all his successes and accomplishments in life, he didn’t realize his purpose until later.

Being open to something other than fame or acclaim leaves open the opportunity for greatness in ways much more important than social media status, title on the business card or vehicle in the driveway; the door is open for true purpose.

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