Sweet Sauce of Nostalgia

They say don’t look back, but the sirens sing there; my mom and dad are there; more and more friends fall into the “in the rear view mirror” category; and the sweet sauce of nostalgia seasons my moments and memories.  Melancholia sometimes becomes part of the moments, but Van Morrison assured me years ago not to fear it.

Watching the movie Field of Dreams alone, remembering watching it with my oldest son when he was a teen, and recalling how often he has watched it into his adult years, brings on a mixed drink of nostalgia and melancholia that I must sip gently because any movie that includes the opportunity for a son to have another chance to interact with a now-deceased dad brings me to tears. I must be careful on these baselines.

All of which reminds me about listening to life. Had I not listened so carefully and absorbed so much, I would not have the keen affection for, and attention to, the past that I have now.  It illuminates and enriches my moments and my hope for the future. Treasuring the past is perhaps the only good investment I’ve ever made; the returns are available to me in all aspects of my life.  I hope to pass that investment advice to others along the way, for as long as I get to play on this field of dreams…life.

We all have secrets and wisdom to share with others, secrets learned in the trenches (and on the field) of life.  Little things and big things. It is incumbent on us to share. It is important for us to go to well of our wisdom and dip out what we can to share. For the nostalgia well, I go to movies, music and photographs. We all have sources available to use. Share with others what you get from your sources.

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