The Perfect Church Song

Every Easter reminds me of the perfect church song, thanks to an event about a quarter century ago. It speaks to all days, but particularly today…Easter.

The short version of the story is that the new pastor to our parish liked to change things up at the last minute, including the songs that were to be sung. On this particular Sunday, he told the congregation that he wanted to change the listed song to one of the old, beloved songs that everyone knew.  Before he got a word out, a child’s voice from the back of the church began to sing what he thought of as an “old, beloved song that everyone knew.” 

“I love you…you love me…” the child sang. Of course, it was the theme song to the popular Barney cartoon.  Who knew that a cartoon purple dinosaur’s song, shared through the innocent voice of a child, would summarize the perfect song for church. I think of that event often, but always on Easter.

Happy Easter everyone. I love you.

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