Never Too Late for Thanks or Giving

I chose to not send my Thanksgiving message to you at the time your email box was filled with Thanksgiving notes, memes and sales offers. Part of the reason was to avoid the crowd. Then I realized there was another component to the logic of the timing. In this season of “seasons” (giving, holiday, sales, caring, etc.), limited-time offers and sales deadlines, it is good to remember that it is never too late for thanks or for giving.


  • For life and living
  • For loving and sharing
  • For friendships, acquaintanceships and random encounters with strangers
  • For sunny days, dramatic storms, snow, rain and fog; for clouds, lightning and clear skies
  • For walking, hiking, cycling, wheelchairing…getting out there
  • For companionship and solitude
  • For rivers and oceans, deserts and plains, mountains and valleys
  • For stories—lived, shared and heard
  • For opportunities, another day, another breath
  • For abilities, talents, gifts and assets
  • For your past, present and future: What/who you are, how you came to be that way, and what you can do with that



  • Your happiness, joy, sadness and sorrow
  • Your authentic self
  • Your creativity, voice and expression
  • Your ideas
  • Your skills, talents and gifts
  • Your time, energy and attention
  • Your humor, patience, knowledge and wisdom
  • Your love


There is always much to be thankful for and much to share every moment of every day.

Thank you for being you.


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