The Locked Treasure Chest

She is a prominent writer of international caliber, starting humbly and now a highly acclaimed, successful author whose books have also been turned into movies.  So, I reached out to her with a sincere note of thanks (for her presentation that I attended) and a request for some ideas on how to take my Daddin’ book to a different level of exposure.


Her reply was nice enough, but eight words ring in my ears like the sound of the jailer closing the door:  “I have no pearls of wisdom to share.”  I find that to be impossible.


Everyone who has drawn breath, struggled and succeeded or struggled and came up short, experimented, discovered … has pearls of wisdom in their personal treasure chest that has been filled by experiences.  Do you keep your treasures under lock and key or do you share them?


Our time on this earth is short, and we all have pearls of wisdom to share:  cooking perfect divinity candy, tying a fast fishing knot, treating sore muscles … the list is an endless as the number of experiences, sensations and circumstances that we find ourselves in.  Every moment, every breath, every action is one of growth that provides wisdom that can be shared.


Several men in the League City Rotary Club make monthly visits to a local high school to help male seniors with life decisions ranging from “what can I do with my passions, interests and gifts?” to “how do I find a job?” or “what should I do after college?”  As we learn about these young men, we older guys are able to provide advice and contacts, all flavored by the truth that we have had failures in life … and survived!  The other day, one of the young men made my day, and he said I made his year.


He wants a life outdoors, working as a park ranger or something in the outdoors and near wildlife.  I was able to provide him contact information to the executive director of a local nature center and now he has a volunteer internship where he will be able to work in the field.  He was ecstatic.  His new experiences will certainly guide him.  Another Rotarian has been able to line up contacts in mechanics and the music industry for some excited, albeit unsure, seniors.  Whether these contacts clarify what they want in life or don’t want is yet to be determined, but at least now they can find out thanks, in part, to a little pearl of wisdom shared over pizza.


You are a living, breathing treasure chest full of pearls of wisdom.  There is no need to keep them under lock and key.

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