For Want of a Nail…A Thanksgiving Message


Today was going to be a very busy day, getting things ready for the upcoming holiday and taking care of household and business duties.  Already a bit behind from the beginning, I went to my car to start the day’s errands.  A stick-on note was attached to my window:  “You have a flat.  Right rear.”  I appreciated the note; little did I know it began a day of thanksgiving and appreciation.

My new first stop was the tire shop to get the flat fixed.  I struck up a conversation with a woman in the waiting room and soon we were talking about fishing, church, fatherhood and more.  We had a great chat for about 20 minutes and I ended up giving her a flyer about my Daddin’ presentations to give to her pastor.  The delay in my day was a gift.  As I checked out, I asked the attendant what the cause of my flat happened to be:  a nail.

The tire shop detour threw everything back, creating a jam for a scheduled call with a business coach.  I walked in the door with one minute to spare to make the call.  By not having time to ponder and over analyze, the call started in a way that led to great revelations and observations about my business.  New, important tweaks are now on the horizon.  Her insights and guidance proved to be a treasure already, not the least of which was renewed optimism.

The rest of the day revealed small gifts, treasures and discoveries…a multitude of things to be thankful for.  The nail prompted a note which led to a side trip that provided a great conversation which set the stage for…and so on.

Indeed, every day there is much to be thankful for.  For me, my readers, students, friends, colleagues and family give me daily reasons to be thankful.  Thank you for being part of my Thanksgiving by being part of why I give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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