Love Completely

As one would expect, there has been a lot of talk about fathers this week in the media, on talk radio and in other venues.  I listen.  And I smile at some of the stories as I consider my dad (and mom…both helped define for me what it means to be a dad) and how he matched up to what people say today are examples of a “good father.”

He wasn’t at every event of mine…

He couldn’t drop whatever he was doing to attend to my needs…

He had demons to battle and he wasn’t perfect….

He wasn’t a perfect communicator…


He loved me unconditionally and was fiercely loyal to his family.

The lesson that I gleaned over the years was “love completely and do your best at everything else.” 

For all the things that writers, bloggers, counselors and talk show hosts say about the right way to be a good dad, sometimes coming across as know-it-alls, I just smile and think of dad.  He didn’t “know it all.”  He loved completely and otherwise did his best.  How could I have asked for more?

Happy Father’s Day to all.  Love ya dad (1913-1982).

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