Share a Story on Mother’s Day

It has been almost 20 years since I have been able to call or see my mom on Mother’s Day, but not a day goes by that I am not thankful for her being the mother that she was.  Her gravestone reads “A tender mother and a faithful friend.”  No truer words could be spoken.

Today we celebrate moms:  past, present and in-the-making.  We celebrate their qualities and quirks.  We call or get together to share the day with mom.  Do we share our thoughts, too?

Breakfast with mimosas is wonderful, as are roses and sweet cards.  All-hands-on-deck meals to celebrate mom can be magic and fun.  Amidst the good food and laughter, share thoughts:  remembrances of good times, stories of fun and foolishness, and inner thoughts of what it means to have the mother you have.  This is not a day to pick at a scab of some irritation—all families have them—but to share thoughts and feelings about life as a child to your mom.  For young mothers, husbands could share stories of the life that is to be.  Share, share…and one of the best ways is through stories.

Each day I wonder aloud and measure myself against whether I have done as much as possible with the gifts that my parents gave me:  love, support, courage, and the ability to be and to express myself.  If mom were here, I’d share some stories of the ways that she had done that for me.

It’s Mother’s Day. Share a story along with hugs, laughter and love.  She’ll know then how well she has done.

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