The Rocket Dream

My apologies for the long lag in the newsletter.  I will be back at it now, diligently attentive to sharing stories from listening to life.  This newsletter and blog, and my other blogs—along with some other new developments that I will share with you soon—represent Life, Phase 3.  I will retire from University of Houston-Clear Lake on April 30, 2014 after almost 13 years there and almost 27 years in higher education.  I thought I was leaving photography and writing for higher ed for a period of three years.  It lasted longer, but now I am returning. This edition of Listen to Life comes from a dream that came to me as I was going through the process of deciding whether retirement was the right thing to do.


I don’t tend to analyze my dreams often—shoot, I usually can’t even remember them once I awaken, and certainly not after a day or two—but there are times that the message seems so clear that it is obvious that one’s unconscious is trying desperately to communicate to the conscious, decision-making side of one’s brain.

The dream awoke me and I didn’t forget it.  Won’t forget it.  Can’t forget it.

I had the idea that I was going to travel to the moon on a rocket.  In my mind, it was quite simple.  I had devised a solution that only needed to be plugged into the base of the rocket—not unlike the solid fuel rocket engines plugged into model rockets used by hobbyist rocketeers of all ages—and I would be on my may.  I was convinced that the simple step would make it happen.  No one around me agreed.

Everywhere I turned, people were telling me that my simple solution for soaring into the heavens would not work.  I disagreed.  I argued.  I persisted.  Then I finally placed the triangular shaped device on the bottom of the rocket and lit it.  The rocket launched, and I awoke when my rocket and I were among the stars.

Life provides chances to soar, and the answer is usually pretty simple regarding how to make the adventure succeed.  Listen less to the naysayers, and more to your instincts about how your ideas will help you fly higher than ever before.  My dream helped convince me that now is the time to take my rocket to my life’s dream.  Don’t ignore your own.

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