“You’re Beautiful….”

(This is part of an ongoing series of highlights from past Listen to Life newsletters.  Many readers and subscribers were not following when this came out.  Enjoy.)


“You’re beautiful,” the man said as he looked over my shoulder to the image of his wife that I showed him in my camera’s screen.  The images that I create are not for the men in women’s lives, but for the women and for me.  That makes the man’s comments more special.  Each comment came in a whisper as a reaction to what he saw.

Of course I am proud when I hear such things, but there is something more important about the comments of  Emily’s and Jennifer’s husbands:  they were spoken spontaneously.

The men responded to the beauty of the women they love.  The images were not glamorous, nor of the “beauty” genre, yet they clearly revealed beauty.  The men responded with “you’re beautiful” with the power of loving whispers.

We all need to be open to beauty—particularly other than that which the media defines—and we need to respond to it.  Respond to her.

Let beauty take our breath away, and allow ourselves to say so.

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