Tick Tock

Tick…playing tunes from the late 1960s to early 1980s, my early adult and adult-forming years.  You have your decades, too.

Tock…getting a message about a colleague’s father in-law with a life threatening emergency health issue.

Tick…lyrics take me back faster than my memory can keep up, to only remind me how fast life has moved, and continues to move.

Tock…shopping for wildflower and grass seeds for my new property, realizing it will be a year or more before they take hold and become part of my Walden’s landscape, and thinking how the best laid plans for long-term projects can go awry, and they can also provide more joy and emotion than ever expected.

Tick…tock….each moment counts.

I have fond memories of my dad going to our century old family clock to wind it each night.  It had taken years before he could afford to have it fixed, and once he did, he tended it lovingly.  He was connected to the clock and its memories, and its linkage to his own family history.  We connect to others and we connect with time, over time.  I think of the clock—tick, tock, tick, tock—and how all its movements were connected.  Gears worked because they connected; weights lowered because they were connected.

Time passes, dreams come and go.  The connections we have to others, to memories and to dreams are what make the moments count.  Don’t count them…make them count.

One comment on “Tick Tock

  1. Theresa says:

    Tick tock, indeed …

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