What You Miss

I listened to my nephew Jason (www.sagebiel-music.com) perform today at Houston Museum of Fine Arts as part of its three-part series “Music and the Journey of War.”  In his introductory comments, he mentioned a letter that he wrote to a friend with a closing “I miss my music.”  The phrase led to a poem, and the poem led to…music.

For Jason, it was military service in Iraq in 2003 that drew him away.  In the “90% boredom and 10% terror” of war, there had not been the opportunity for the music his heart and soul longed for.  Circumstances afforded the opportunity for him and music to reunite.

The timing is right to call the question. (It is always right to call this question.):  “What do you miss?”  There is something that touches, or emanates from, so deeply in your heart and soul that to not have it causes you to miss it.  Deeply.  The missing is a longing, and the finding provides fulfillment.

What do you miss?  Go about finding it anew.

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