Scary Dreams

Not all scary dreams are nightmares; some are life’s dreams coming true.  And that can be scary.

Now, I don’t want to jinx things, but I am getting closer to owning a small piece of property in the piney woods.  My own little Walden, something I have thought of since I knew what Walden was.  And before that, I enjoyed traipsing around the “woods” in the areas near where I grew up.  And I have great memories of my dad and I walking property in Navasota and West Columbia, Texas.  Having a bit of land has always been a dream, and now it is scary.  This one may not pan out, but it just might.  And that is scary.

As I write this, the movie The Astronaut Farmer is playing; a story of a man and his dream.  Funny thing about dreams:  they need personal resolve and the support of others, because there are many who find joy in diminishing others’ dreams.    I am blessed to have more who support than who diminish. Dreams also come with many questions and doubts, and goodness knows I have plenty of those.

It is both blessing and curse to have many dreams.  Having them to form a horizon to approach and a North Star to guide brings as much comfort as is possible in exploring unknown territory.  Ironically, to not have dreams is to sleep through life.  Dream on and never surrender.

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