The Bumpy Road of Trying

It has been a bit bumpy for my three boys these past few days.  I have been in full-on dad mode with text messages and calls coming to me regarding their challenging times of striking out on a new path with full passion only to find that the desired outcome does not come to be as expected or hoped.  I could not be more proud of their courage and their ability to deal with setbacks because they do not, have not, and clearly will not shy away from the bumpy road of trying.

For each, they reached beyond themselves regarding their passions.  For each, they did not get the success and the changes for which they hoped, worked and dreamed.  Beautiful and blessed is the sight of watching these young men pursue life fully.  They continue to inspire me.

I am reminded by their experiences that pursuit of one’s passion requires commitment to one’s dreams and to one’s self; it requires risk; and, it means being ready to deal with setbacks and backfires.  The highway to success sometimes includes bumpy rides of growth.  No matter what drives us, we must commit to the trek and believe in ourselves along the way.

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