Waves and Tides

Do you sometimes say something and, upon reflection, you think “wow, that was great!”  Of course you do.  I’m just reminding you how smart you are.

I think of things that I have heard from family, friends and strangers, and how many times I have said to folks, “Did you hear what you just said?”  That has proved valuable in times of growth, vulnerability, pain and joy for those to whom I have been listening.  

Today I explained to someone a clarity of direction for me that is renewing a very scrappy attitude blended with irreverence and urgency to help me make some things happen.  I enjoy this feeling and method of doing business.  I said, “I am not riding a wave, this is a tide.” 

Wow, that was great!

Any changes that come into our lives—be they from trauma or self-examination, significant event or sublime inspiration—are transitory.  Such is life.  That is both beauty and handicap.  Things can enter wave-like or tide-like.  My point when I conveyed the thought about waves and tides is that I sense that what is happening for me, particularly my comfort and confidence in challenging some sacred cows, is not a short-lived wave of energy but a slower moving, more persistent changing of levels…a tidal shift.  I don’t feel crests and valleys and crashing and froth; I feel a persistent change and influence that is affected by various factors (but I don’t think the full moon will matter for this!).

I believe that it is important that we stay attuned to the changes, growth patterns, self-pruning (there is value in low tides, too, to completely mix metaphors on you) and influences in our lives.  Ride the waves, transform with the tides.

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