Let This Sink In

A friend shared a story with me this evening.

“A really nice lady there (one of his clients) is the office manager… her husband David is also on the payroll as a plant supervisor.  They’re both early 50s, friends since age 5, married many years.  Both in good health.  On Friday night, they went to dinner, and he had some raw oysters.  Apparently they were contaminated, spoiled, or whatever happens with raw oysters, because later that night he fell ill.  By Saturday night, in the hospital, his kidneys had shut down and he was on dialysis.  Sunday he showed some improvement with 30% kidney function.  He died on Monday.

 Over the course of a long weekend, they went from happy couple of many years, to just a grieving widow knowing not what to do next.”


We sometimes grumble after a difficult day that “It has been a long day.” But that same day is abundant, full of opportunity to enjoy, experience, grow, love, feel.  We never know when those opportunities will stop for us.  Are we living the life we want?  Are we finding joy and fulfillment with our lives?  Are we sharing, caring and loving? What would you do with this moment if you knew how few you had left?  Fill each moment and hug the people you care about.

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